SimpleMapp is a native location based app out of the box

  • Register online and create your app on the web in minutes
  • Create or import content
  • Categorize content using tags to filter
  • Adjust app color scheme and other app settings such as name and app ID
  • Publish app in our App Directory
  • Instant distribution of your app with "Appify": The default native meta app is turned into your app in seconds, no separate app distribution in Apple's App Store or Google Play necessary
  • Instantly individualize your app online: Select one of 10 different app color schemes, choose app name and description for content and tags, set a short App-ID, define your language and region


  • Location-based Content Management
    • A content always has a location reference and consists of: name, tagline, description, location, pictures, comments, contact details (phone, email, web link)
    • Location-based content management (create, edit and delete content and tags)
    • Quick and easy import of content through support of the open KML data format (Export of Google Map / Earth to SimpleMapp, import of publicly available POI data, etc.)
    • Uploading and editing images
    • Categorization of content with tags
    • Delete user comments
    • User and rights management (Management of your own editors and administrators enables fine-grained security settings for image uploading and content creation in the app)
  • App Directory
    • Publish your app in the App Directory to instantly reach new users (no separate app distribution necessary as every published app in the App Directory is available to select in the standard app with our "Appify mechanism")
    • The standard SimpleMapp app is populated with your own content by using our "Appify mechanism"
    • With a talking app ID, your app solution can also be distributed to users without publishing the app in our App Directory
    • Apps published in our App Directory can be browsed on the web
  • Statistics
    • Number of content, tags and app users

Android App

  • Native and performant Android app shows content in map view, list view and detail view
  • Free text search and filter by tags
  • Photo galleries and user comments to content
  • Instantly add new images to content, create and edit content on the go! (depending on your rights management settings on the Web users must be logged in to do so)
  • "Appify mechanism": The free standard meta app turns to your specific solution in your design
  • Browse all apps that are published in the App Directory

iPhone App

  • Released soon! (Q4/2013)