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Guide Only
  • logo_simplemapp_smallYour Guide published in our Guide directory

  • Cloud Space: 1 GB

  • Requests: 50k/month

  • Setup & Distribution 0 € (Your Guide is instantly published in SimpleMapp‘s Android and iOS app)

  • Ad free: 19 € / month

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Web Only
  • logo_android_ios_html5_smallYour Guide for responsive web

  • Cloud Space: 2 GB

  • Requests: 100k/month

  • Setup & Distribution: 0 €

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White Label

Your Branding Only
  • logo_android_ios_html5_smallYour App for Android, iOS and responsive web

  • Cloud Space: 10 GB

  • Requests: 300k/month

  • Setup & Distribution: 499 € for Android to Google Play, 499 € for iOS to Apple App Store

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All Prices are net (excl. VAT in EU)  –  Update per App (Android or iOS) for existing clients (e.g. to enable new features) € 249 – Extra 2 GB cloud space: 9 € / month  –  Extra 100.000 system requests: 9 € / month – Yearly update of push certificates per App (Android or iOS)  € 99 – „Regular“ and „White Label“ apps will be distributed with your logo, brand and under your account to Google Play and Apple App Store  –  „Regular“ apps show a note „Made with SimpleMapp“ in splash screen, in the menu at the bottom and in the about screen

Try before you buy! Register for free and test all functionalities of the SimpleMapp CMS free of charge. To test your app just enter your Guide-ID in the standard SimpleMapp app for Android and iOS to instantly see all changes you’ve made in the CMS.

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